Claire Finlayson

Author website for new manuscript “Ray’s Planet”

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The Project

Claire Finlayson is an up and coming author who has brilliantly crafted a manuscript about her brother’s life living with Asperger’s. This website was designed as an online source for publishers to read more about her story, and for potential readers to join an email list, to achieve her overall goal of turning this important message into a published book. To view the actual website, click here.

Seeing as this is an author website, most of the pages are primarily text-heavy, but the home page was where we wanted to create a space that would visually convey the feeling of Claire’s book, drawing both readers and publishers in. With images to match the theme of “Ray’s Planet”, and a colour scheme to match Claire’s natural yet sophisticated style, we were able to design something that best represented Claire’s vision.

After researching the purpose of this website, I could determine and create an information architecture that would easily reach these goals, as well as wireframes to showcase these steps. The font Metropolis was selected for it’s clean, minimal, and bold look. While softer blue tones were used in the colour scheme. A type-art logo was created for Claire Finlaysons name, as well as initials. The website was built on WordPress and includes Mailchimp.


  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch
Screenshot of Claire Finlayson website Screenshot of Claire Finlayson website attractions page